Release date: 8th July 2013

Cameo Business Modeler 17.0.2 LTR (Long-Term Release) Service Pack 4 (SP4) includes approximately 250 fixes including

  • More than 50 fixes in saving, committing, opening, and migrating projects
  • Approximately 60 fixes in Cameo Business Modeler Teamwork Server integration
  • Approximately 10 fixes in merge
  • Approximately 30 fixes in diagramming
  • Approximately 10 fixes in the Cameo Business Modeler GUI

You can check the list of publicly available issues or your own issues that have been included into Cameo Business Modeler version 17.0.2 LTR SP4 here.
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The summary below contains the main fixes included in the service pack.


  • Cameo Business Modeler no longer stops responding for a while after choosing the Select in Containment Tree command for the element, which is stored deep in a hierarchy of packages.
  • The performance no longer slows down when trying to select or move an element that has more than 100 outgoing relations.
  • Cameo Business Modeler no longer stops responding in the case of concurrent access of a derived property value.
  • The performance was improved for models that contain ordered collections with large number of elements.

Saving, committing, opening, and migrating projects

  • An internal error no longer appears, when trying to open a project saved as an .xml file with Cameo Business Modeler 17.0.2 SP3.
  • A server project no longer loses data after it is committed to the server, when the project references elements from a local module.
  • References to a module are no longer lost after removing the module usage from the project with keeping references (Remove Module > Remove, keep References).
  • Neither stereotypes applied on elements in a project that contains numerous recovered elements nor their property values are lost any longer after committing the project to the server and reopening.
  • The null pointer exception error no longer occurs after selecting a wrong file as module.
  • You can now successfully open projects containing large images.

Teamwork Server integration

  • A special case, when Teamwork Server stops responding after being started as a Windows service, no longer occurs.
  • A server project's module no longer remains locked after committing the project to the server and reopening.
  • You can now successfully unlock a module indirectly used and locked in a server project, after removing the project from the server.
  • The user who has the Read With Modules (legacy) permission on a project, can now open the project with all its modules loaded even if he has no particular permission on each module to read it.
  • In a server project, you can now successfully change the sticky version of a used module to the latest one.
  • The model consistency is now successfully maintained after clearing the read-write module from corrupted elements and reopening the project.
  • Module elements are no longer locked after the module was stopped being used in the project.


  • Exported packages are now highlighted as removed from the project in the Difference Viewer dialog. In earlier versions, only inner elements of the exported packages were highlighted as removed.


  • A model inconsistency error no longer appears when trying to remove an attribute by deleting it from the class shape.
  • Long textual values are no longer cut in the exported to a .csv file generic table.

Active Validation

  • Active Validation no longer stops running unexpectedly.


  • The Find and Replace dialog now closes together with the project.
  • Cameo Business Modeler no longer stops responding after switching between the Cameo Business Modeler and other windows while the Quick Find dialog is open.
  • The Open button is no longer unavailable for a selected hyperlink in the read-only element Specification window.
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