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no-magic-inc 10Modern enterprises are based on complex business systems that are supported by even more complicated IT systems integrating multiple technologies and standards. Modeling helps to capture and communicate the multi-layered architecture of the enterprise and cause it to evolve for better enterprise performance.

The ability to capture, integrate, and maintain integrated enterprise architecture (EA) models strongly depends on the modeling tool features that make enterprise architects’ daily work more productive.

Today, enterprise architects are experiencing two problems: one is how to select the tool and the other is how to successfully use it. It is becoming obvious that just having the tool does not necessarily mean it is being used in the most effective way. The guarantees for a successful tooling are professional services such as training, consultancies, and effective use of a support system.

We offer you a high quality solution including a set of tools and services to build successful architectures for your enterprise.


  • Preparing the enterprise documentation
  • Unifying and integrating business processes across the enterprise
  • Unifying and integrating data both inside and outside the boundaries of the enterprise
  • Lowering the complexity barrier
  • Reducing both solution delivery time and development costs by maximizing reuse of enterprise models
  • Driving continuous business and IT alignment
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