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  • Cameo Business Modeler Architect edition* - Cameo Business Modeler software is a standalone solution that provides BPMN 2.0 modeling capabilities without UML support, adding more power to BPMN support (including export to XPDL, advanced model validation), advanced analysis and project management capabilities. * Available from Q3 2012.

  • cameo-business-modeler-pluginCameo Business Modeler Plugin - Cameo Business Modeler Plugin is a plugin for the MagicDraw modeling platform that offers MagicDraw users BPMN 2.0 modeling with orchestration, business model integration with UML, and XPDL (XML Process Definition Language) support.

  • MagicDraw Teamwork Server - The Teamwork Server is a piece of the software that allows more than one business analyst to work with the same model. The business model is stored in the teamwork server repository and every analyst working with the Cameo Business Modeler or MagicDraw may lock a part of the model and work on that part individually. Later changes may be committed to the server and shared with the team. Teamwork Server provides groupware, configuration management, security, distributed use, parallel development, and more capabilities.
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