Our Philosophy

No Magic's mission is to provide quality modeling solutions for model driven enterprises.

We see enterprises adopting modeling in business levels and domains, replacing most of the document driven artifacts with integrated and traceable models.

Modeling is a key enabler for:

  • Business value improvement. Every change should be modeled and simulated to see if it brings required value.
  • Productivity improvement. Modeling products should be ergonomically designed to fit your business, they have to provide automation when possible. Automatic error checking for completeness, correctness and consistency is a must.
  • Communication improvement. Models are not as ambiguous as text documents, therefore modeling is a better language for communication.
  • Quality improvement. The use of integrated and traceable models can ensure that all business ideas are implemented. No Magic sees modeling as a next logical step in the evolution of thinking.

Adherence to Standards

No Magic is known as the most standards-compliant modeling, simulation and analysis solutions vendor in the industry. Benefits of standards:

  • Standards minimize risk and are public knowledge.
  • Promote best practices. Standards, like UML or BPMN are created by a consensus of stakeholders (vendors, users, academia) in the domain, therefore they represent best practice.

Product Architecture

All No Magic modeling related products are based on a modeling platform, known as MagicDraw (our UML modeling solution). It was chosen as a platform for following reasons:

  • Model infrastructure. Every model should be organized well, so it is easy to navigate and maintain it. This is the same for all kinds of models.
  • Model integration. Various models often need to be integrated, for example, business process and IT system models. However, the only way to integrate them seamlessly is to have a modeling platform to host all types of models. Infrastructure to cross-reference is also a must.
  • Model traceability. A model is not just about pictures, model traceability to related elements is a architectural feature.
  • Extensibility. Solutions can be customized in these areas:
    • New diagram types
    • New metamodels
    • New validation rules
    • New documentation generation templates
    • Customization of user interface

Such a structure allows the ability to mix and match different modeling components, for seamless integration of various models across organizations or projects and collaboration between roles.

Users are encouraged to further extend/customize the product to fit their specific needs.

Customer Voice

We listen to our users. As a result, a high percentage of our improvements are driven by our customers.


At No Magic we focus on solution ergonomics and automation, because we want our users to create models as fast as possible.

Professional Services

No Magic offers professional services for helping customers to define, implement, and deploy efficient modeling solutions. Modeling is a complex discipline, and it is easy to misuse modeling capabilities. For those who want to unleash the full power of modeling, we highly recommend using our professional services (training, consulting, and custom development) delivered by No Magic Solution Architects. Our Solution Architects are OMG Certified Professionals possessing unique knowledge and experience in modeling methods, modeling languages (UML, SysML, BPMN, UPDM), and MagicDraw and Cameo product lines. Their help is essential for getting quickly on the right track with the modeling approach and tailoring a modeling environment for maximum usability and best performance.

More on services here.

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