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SysML in Action with Cameo Systems Modeler

Author: Olivier Casse

SysML in Action with Cameo Systems Modeler uses No Magic's Cameo Systems Modeler throughout to create examples.

Model Examples
IBD Logical Architecture, Beginning White Box
Lockout Application Scenario

book sysml in action 200pxSysML in Action with Cameo Systems Modeler examines using SysML in action with the industrial grade Cameo Systems Modeler. Nowadays, embedded systems are so complex that specifying requirements, implementing them, and then validating them can no longer be expressed using textual descriptions. A number of notations, according to industry constraints and habits, are available. Among them one standard from the OMG: SysML.

  • Based on a realistic example and simplified, yet still useful for professionals (no ATM or traffic lights)
  • Explores everything from requirements to validation to cover the classical V cycle
  • Utilizes a generic approach, fully suitable to SysML, to apply major system engineering principles and standards
  • Helps users learn to make their own model by transcribing their needs and taking advantage of the tool features,
  • Conserves time by using recommended workarounds to develop custom processes for this tool, before deploying successfully on real industrial projects

SysML in Action with Cameo Systems Modeler English version to be released in the 4th quarter of 2017.

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