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Webinar 3 2014 - Engineering Analysis on SysML Models MBSE

Saturday, 01 November 2014

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) promises an increase in productivity by shifting from documents to models as the main means to develop systems. However, in order to reach this promise, an organization has to implement proper standardized practices, which enables productive analysis on models. Organizations not complying with the standardized approach suffer from the loss of capability to inter-exchange and communicate with other teams, overhead in tool customization, and specific training needs. Moreover, the models become impossible to integrate and reuse.

MBSE in most of the cases is followed by Systems Modeling Language (SysML); however, in just a few of them, a complete set of benefits, the language and the modeling tool provides, are exploited. Have you ever heard of fUML, SCXML, and SysML parametric analysis? These are powerful standardized techniques to perform engineering analysis on models. Have you ever thought using them all together? This combination can be even more powerful tool to solve complex systems engineering tasks and this is exactly what this session is all about.

The session demonstrates
  • State Machines executionActivities execution
  • Action Language Helper
  • SysML parametric execution
  • Integration with external math engine, in particular MATLAB
  • Combined model execution
  • Building executable user interface
  • Generating execution trace
The session is hosted by Dr. Aurelijus Morkevicius, Senior Solution Architect at No Magic, Inc.
Webinar 3 2014 - Engineering Analysis on SysML Models

Aurelijus is OMG Certified UML, Systems Modeling and BPM professional. He has been with No Magic, Inc. since 2008. He started as a System Analyst for Enterprise Architecture solutions such as UPDM plugin for MagicDraw. In 2009 he moved to Product Manager Position for the Cameo Enterprise Architecture product. By making it one of the most successful products on the market, he decided to work more on the customer side. Currently he is a solution architect for model-based systems engineering (mostly based on SysML) and defense architectures (DoDAF, MODAF, NAF). Aurelijus is working with companies such as General Electric, Kongsberg Defense and Airspace, INDRA, ESS, SKA, Amadeus, BMW, DB Bahn, etc. He also participates actively in various modeling standards creation activities. He is a chairman and one of the leading architects for the current OMG UPDM standard development group. On the other side he is actively involved in educational activities. He has gained PhD in Informatics Engineering in Kaunas University of Technology in 2013. Aurelijus is also a lecturer, author of multiple articles, and speaker in multiple conferences on modeling of various kinds of systems.

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