Doing in today's Telecom/Internet industry, it was critical for our team to choose the right outsourcing company to support our project. Our project requires a team of developers that could interact and coordinate with several other teams and components, No Magic is one of the teams we choose to take on this task.

Project Manager,
Ericsson, Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the folks at No Magic for providing us with software solutions that our customers and we are now using everyday.

Business Affairs/Operation Manager,
FirstCom Music, Inc.

My experience with the custom software industry is that deliveries are nearly always late, and are lacking in one or more aspects. This requires rework and project delays. No Magic, Inc. is finishing the second of multi-part series of tasks for us under a contract to develop a particular software system for monitoring dam performance. Their deliveries have been on time and budget.

Structural Behavior and Instrumentation

The services rendered in the design and implementation of our proprietary software program, has proved invaluable. Our initial meeting designing the system and the actual follow through during system development were very smooth and efficient. The fact that our software was delivered on time was the added bonus; this I understand is not the norm for the software development industry.

Graphic Marker

I have worked with No Magic for over 3 years and they did several extended software projects for two companies (Metalithic Systems Inc. and nStream LLC.) of which for both I was President and CEO. They always did a thorough job that was well documented and bug free. While this is the industry norm, they were exceptional at delivering software that was on time and within specification.

President and CEO
Metalithic Systems Inc.

I'm working with MagicDraw for 3 years now and I'm still impressed by the tons of functionalities it has and by the great support team!

Xavier Seignard

I always dread upgrading products when I am in the middle of a critical project. Inevitably something gets lost or it takes longer to fix something or whatever. The upgrade to 15.5 was the easiest I have ever experienced in not only this tool but any other tool that I have used.

Frank C. Alvidrez
Lancaster, CA

I just want to thank you for the software. It's a great tool.

Nicole Gong,
The MITRE Corporation

After evaluating several other products in the UML market space and comparing feature functionality, usability and viability of solutions the clear winner was MagicDraw. The product exceeded all its competitor's in every area and was by far the easiest for all our teams to use when building enterprise solutions.

Alan Scott,
Senior Technical Architect, Intelligent Chaos

I have been using MagicDraw for many years as a scientific computing expert, physicist, IT lecturer, software architect, Java+XML software engineer, virtual reality animator, and developer of gestural synthesis instruments for generation of music, visuals, and non-tactile computer controls. MagicDraw is now my main tool of trade.

Dr. Darren R C Kelly

I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. I have enjoyed working with you (and MagicDraw) so far, and look forward to doing so increasingly in the future. I am no one in the blogsphere--I have a readership of about one person, ... myself. But I thought you might be interested in this blog entry that I posted about my positive experience with No Magic.

Eric Crane,
Senior Developer, Members United Corporate Federal Credit Union

One of the best, if not the best object-oriented modeling tools IMO is MagicDraw. I have used multiple modeling tools over the years, including Visio (yes, Visio), Rational Rose, Embarcadero Describe, Paradigm Plus, and Omondo. By far, the best one I've used is MagicDraw from No Magic.

Mark Lorenz
Software Architect, Labcorp

The support department was very responsive to my request. They responded within the same day (actually within a few hours) with a solution. I was very impressed with the timeliness of the response. On the same note, I am extremely satisfied with MagicDraw 10.5. It has performed flawlessly and I am looking forward to using some of the new features on my next project.

Joseph Witt
Software Solutions Architect

I love MagicDraw. I find MagicDraw 10.5 an extremely powerful UML 2.0 tool. The carefully designed interface and powerful support for UML 2.0 profiles made my life much easier. With a simple XQuery and the clean XMI document exported by MagicDraw as the source document, I can see no limits of a true MDA approach.

Hossam Karim
GAIA-TI R&D Director

MagicDraw is BY FAR the greatest modeling tool I have ever used.

Stan Butler
Director of Software Engineering, Deposco

Thank you very much for your help! I must say that I have never experienced such excellent technical support. You have also clarified my understanding of messages in an important way. I will check "UML 2 and the Unified Process" to see if I need to update it in a future edition with the '=' notation.

Dr. Jim Arlow, ClearView Training

Being a user of MagicDraw since version 3.5, I just wanted to tell you and the No Magic team, that I'm really happy with MagicDraw. Being a coach, I see how quickly people get used to MagicDraw. No need for long hours of feature description; they just learn as they go. This is imho the strongest feature of MagicDraw. Being an architect too, I like MagicDraw for the same reasons newcomers do.

Claus Luethje, Leiter Javateam, Osys AG

The community addition is a great offering and deserves our thanks. It's a great way for people to learn modeling or for open source projects to produce better software or document existing projects. This just to let you know it's being appreciated. It's by far the best free UML solution I've seen.

Idar Tollefsen

When Art & Logic was ready to add *real* UML modeling capabilities to our development toolkit, we looked at everything on the market, and found that most everything we saw was either too underpowered for what we needed, or was bloated with functionality that we'd never use. MagicDraw was clearly different, and has provided a 'just right' fit into our projects from the day we started using it.

Paul Hershenson, President and CEO, Art & Logic, Inc

I continue to be impressed by MagicDraw - a real pleasure to use.

Paul Anderson

MagicDraw is very intuitive and robust. The best UML Modeler I've been using so far. And I had to work with almost every utility in the market. MagicDraw is exactly what you need if your client sits in your neck (as usual) and you simply can't afford a utility breakdown. Keep up this great work !

Volker Lenz, IT Services Promotion Agency

I am evaluating some of most important UML tools in the market, so I can make the best choice. The overall impression on MagicDraw is that is one of the most reliable UML modeling tools, both respecting to the product and support.

Alexandre Godinho

Before writing my latest book, Enterprise Patterns and MDA, I evaluated virtually every UML modeling tool on the market because I knew I needed to create about 200 complex UML diagrams. MagicDraw was the only tool that produced UML diagrams with sufficient syntactic and graphical accuracy to go straight to print.

Dr. Jim Arlow, ClearView Training

In my opinion, MagicDraw is fantastic value for money, and is a realistic option for smaller companies who are watching their cashflow. I find I prefer the ease-of-use of MagicDraw over something heavyweight like Rose.

Andrew Bucknell, Team Leader, Admo Pty Ltd

MagicDraw provides intuitive controls within a very well designed GUI which allows the user to get on with design without having to spend time learning where all the controls are. The diagrams provided cover all of the requirements for a comprehensive design to be created. The reporting tool produces a good structure including links from the elements on the diagram.

Geoff Armstrong, Technology Manager, Robertson Research

I used a demo version of Poseidon previously and decided it was too slow. ... I tried a few things with MagicDraw like reverse engineering the JDK, and it was astounding. It took less than 15 seconds whereas Poseidon would simply crash and Rational Rose would take about 2 hours. How did you make it so fast?

Barry M. Caceres

I forgot to tell you : your team has written a kick-ass product! Congratulations!

Wouter Zoons

We knew when we bought our MagicDraw licenses that the product was top of the line. You have just proven to me that your support is also top of the line.

Stefan Zetterberg, Consultant - System Development, LearningWell AB

MagicDraw is an excellent modeling tool. It has all the functionality (and more) of tools costing considerably more. We were very pleased with its ease of use and thorough implementation of UML. We are very happy with it, and so is our CFO!

Mike Woodward, Product Manager

Thank you all for your help. I am impressed by the speed and quality of support I've enjoyed in resolving this issue. Though I hope not to require your assistance in the future, it's good to know that great customer support awaits.

James McMurry, Object Computing, Inc.

From working with your tool, and having worked with Rational Rose for a while, I already know that you guys have a superior product. I'm glad that No Magic has taken the path of keeping quiet and producing something, rather than the vaporware promises of so many other companies.

Matthew Drago

I just wanted to say my company has already purchased licenses, they are at a different location, so we are coordinating to get us all up with the server. I grabbed the personal copy to play and learn during that process. You guys should feel proud, it beats the heck out of the other tools I have played with. Thank you for touching base and your offer.

Cameron Aycock, Programmer, Marketron International

Recently I spent several weeks on a project for which Rational Rose was the adopted modeling tool. I have now moved on to a project where I can use MagicDraw again. What a difference!

Christian Arnold
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform

I've been comparing it [MagicDraw] with System Architect and Poseidon mostly. I keep coming back to MD because it is easier to use and seems to do the most things correctly.

Thomas A Pender
"I absolutely love this tool!"


I just wanted to provide you with some positive feedback on your MagicDraw tool. I absolutely love this tool!!! I've used on it on both Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux 7.1 running GNOME 1.4. Works great on both platforms. I've been subjected to using Rational Rose Modeler at my client site and I just hate it. The past couple of nights I've been coming home and doing my UML modeling here with MD just so I can work without frustration and stress. Thanks for building a tool which is robust, easy to use, and offers just the right features. Keep up the good work.

Chris Bartling, Harbinger Partners, Inc.

"...No Magic technical support team provided me with timely solutions and expert feedback..."

We needed a tool that was intuitive to use, allowed us to share our models among developers in real time, and provided the ability to round-trip engineer our JAVA code. Most of all, we needed something that was more intuitive and more reasonably priced than Rational Rose or Together J.

BMG Music

"...They are VERY responsive to user input, feature requests and the rare bug reports associated with their product..."

Larry Cummings, Hyperdigm Research

I found MagicDraw to be especially helpful as a new employee - I'm working on a well documented but big and fairly complicated java middleware layer, and with the Quick Reverse I was able to get an overview quickly. Even the demo version was helpful, both for getting inside the code and for documenting it.

Dan Ancona, Alexandria Digital Library, UCSB

I am currently reviewing a number of UML tools for use by our group and am very impressed by MagicDraw. It is the most intuitive and easy to use tool I have tried and the separation of model from code addresses the issues which I had with Together/J.

Mark Gibbons, Senior Technical Architect - FX Options JPMorgan

"... it is very fast to learn..."

I recommend MagicDraw which is very easy to get into and it works very very well.

Stephane Bailliez; R&D engineer in e-Business

I really am loving the product. It's just that when I find out that a company actually *listens* for once, I get so excited at the thought that perhaps the product could be made better by my input. :)

Gavin Kistner, Creative Director, Image Refinery Productions

"...MD is the best of the breed..."

I think that MagicDraw is the best of the breed at this point. I have used Rose 98i, Select and have tried to use Together/J.Yours has the best balance of features and still a small enough runtime footprint to be usable on my working machine. All-in-all I would say that you have done what all of those others should have, or were trying to. Keep up the good work!

Raymond Blum, Tardis Systems Inc.

"...MD has led to a renewed interest in Java..."

I'd like to say that I love MagicDraw. It's an excellent tool, at an excellent price. MagicDraw implements more of UML 1.3 than Rational Rose. And best of all, it's actively supported by your team. I might add that using MagicDraw has led to a renewed interest in Java, which I never took seriously before as an applications language.

Mark Wilden

"...a GREAT product just got better..."

We have just (with version 3.5) shifted to MagicDraw 100% - also for drawing E/R diagrams instead of using ABC FlowCharter! - So now we have both a nice OO modeling tool - and a drawing program for structured programming and E/R modeling. A GREAT product just got better ;-)

Henrik Fjorback, Multi-Support A/S

Congratulations on your excellent product. The number of features is really impressive.

Bartosz Klimek, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow, Poland

I have all of the products installed on my personal workstation, so which do I use? MagicDraw! Everybody's requirements differ, but for general all-round simplicity, ease-of-use, and functionality MagicDraw has everything I need. (10/1998)

Obviously, my overall impression is very, very positive. It's amazing to see how MD has changed over the last two years. (02/2001)

Andrew Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe Technical Services Limited

"...I almost fell in love instantly..."

Some days ago, I downloaded your MagicDraw 3.1 demo version, and I almost fell in love instantly! This was exactly what I had been looking for during the past weeks!

Thomas Engelin, Itancan Consulting

I am VERY happy with a quite sophisticated tool called MagicDraw Pro from NoMagic. This is written in Pure Java and runs very well on both Linux and WinNT/9x. It even has Action Diagrams, which Rose does not have and reads and writes Rose files -- all at about 1/10 the cost of Rose. I used the demo version of Rose for awhile and MagicDraw is just as fast -- but I have 128MB of RAM on my laptop.

Ron Braithwaite

"...surprisingly fast..."

By the way, from the demo version it looks like an excellent tool for creating object models from scratch, and it's surprisingly fast!

J. A. K.

...MagicDraw has exceeded all of my expectations...

MagicDraw is an awesome product. I was looking for a cross platform UML tool that was easy to use.

Ellen Murray

...No Magic folks were extremely responsive to my needs...

When I came onto this project I had been a Rational Rose user for several years and was disappointed to see that the project was using this tool I'd never seen before called MagicDraw. The other developers on the project explained that it worked just as well as Rose, but for a lot less money. I will strongly advocate using MagicDraw in future OO development projects.

Lisa Ramsey, Advisory Software Engineer, StorageTek

"...Another factor that sets MagicDraw apart is superior support and skills of the developers at No Magic..."

Daniel Brookshier, JAVA Architect

"This has to be the best tool on the market. I am the owner of a small OO Mentoring Company in the UK. We specializing in OO Software Development, training people how to model systems then implement. This tool has been a major help in all the projects that we are working and lots of folks when they see it want it, but are hindered by the fact their companies have spent so much money on irrational rose (pun intended)."

Selvyn Wright, United Kingdom

"It is definitely the best modeling tool I have ever used. The Forte 4 Java integration feature kicks *ss! Keep up the good work. Looking forward for future versions."

Dominik Drzewiecki, Poznan, Poland

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