Cameo E2E Bridge : Case Studies

Technology Services Industry: Extending B2BNet; Managed Services For Cross-Company Business Processes


compudata logoCOMPUDATA has started to offer a range of managed services since mid-2005. B2Bnet allows clients to easily convert, sign, archive and forward cross-company electronic business processes such as billing or ordering. For 2006, COMPUDATA intended to extend its B2Bnet offering with respect to process support.

This required, among other things, reliable conversion of data according to widely differing standards and proprietary data formats, for example SAP® IDocs. To this end COMPUDATA needed a solution that could provide a permanent overview of all individual processes. At the same time the solution should make the execution of customer requests as simple as possible and leave no room for misunderstandings in the implementation phase.


COMPUDATA is one of the leading data logistics companies in Switzerland. Its three divisions Business Services, Planning, Implementation and Maintenance, cater to the needs of companies of any size and in any sector of commerce. COMPUDATA integrates information sources and processes within a company, and between business partners with the aid of innovative solutions such as EDI, EAI and Web services.

  • We are familiar with over 30 integration products. Not one of them comes even close to the cost savings of the E2E Bridge® with its unique approach. B2Bnet would have been a lot more difficult to develop and operate without E2E. Our technicians love it.Henri Spinnler


Using the E2E Bridge® and its 100% Model Driven Integration approach, B2Bnet was productive within three months. In contrast, using conventional integration approaches this challenge would have meant a huge and unpredictable programming effort. B2Bnet, now covering 80 customers and handling 3 million transactions, runs non-stop, 365 days a year.

All processes are executed directly as a UML without code generation. Accordingly, the actual processes always correspond to the documentation. The UML models of the processes are concise and trans parent to both IT and business managers, with only two employees needed to maintain the complex system. The result is unrivaled operational efficiency together with exceptional managed services quality. The present environment could easily handle a multiple of current transaction volumes.


  • Extend managed services
  • Convert complex data
  • Oversee thousands of processes


  • Model-driven integration
  • Executable UML models
  • Highly Scalable


  • Fast introduction of E2E Bridge solution & processes
  • Consistent documentation
  • Cost savings
  • High performance, small footprint


  • Integrated process implemented & running in three months
  • Model-driven integration facilitates reuse & flexibility
  • Common process understanding between business & IT
  • Significant improvement in implementation quality