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swisscom logoFor its SME business unit, which covers DSL, VPN and other products, Swisscom uses the custom-built eDASECO application, which was never integrated with the central data warehouse. As a result, only rudimentary reporting mechanisms were available, denying employees to proactively address issues which affected service quality.

To remedy the situation, ARIS PPM from IDS Scheer was installed as the monitoring solution. But the integration with the backend proved to be challenging: the traditional integration approach required middleware changes to be scheduled six months in advance. Apart from the implementation, most of the time was consumed by manual testing and writing updocumentation. Each modification of the backend, changes to the process or any updates to the KPIs caused a considerable effort, consuming time and causing additional cost.

About Swisscom

The Swisscom Group is Switzerland's leading telecom company. Swisscom is represented nationwide, delivering all services and products for mobile, fixed and IP-based voice and data communications.

  • The E2E Bridge® allows Swisscom to reach all its business objectives without compromise – and in record time! This is exactly the level of business agility we were looking for.
  • A few days before going live, we had to upgrade our Order Management System. With a traditional approach, such a last minute change would have caused 3-4 months delay. The E2E Bridge® allowed us to go live as originally planned. Markus Witschi
    Operations Manager
    SME Business Unit
    Swisscom (Schweiz) AG


To accelerate the integration of ARIS PPM with eDASECO, Swisscom selected the E2E Bridge extraction. E2E’s unique Direct Mod approach provided extraordinary flexibility and allowed for quick adaptation in response to rapidly changing backend interfaces. With the new solution based on the E2E Bridge® and ARIS PPM, routine modify usually completed within half an hour.

All changes are now fully documented at all times, in form of standard UML® models, which are automatically tested and can be directly executed. The new system delivers accurate KPIs and graphical reports. Based on a sophisticated drill-down capability, KPIs can be verified effectively. Escalation procedures are triggered automatically if process steps are not performed within predetermined deadlines. The entire project initiative was completed from start to go live in 14 weeks.


  • Existing reporting capabilities were minimal and basic
  • Limited flexibility at the middleware layer
  • Manual testing of backend access functions


  • E2E Bridge as generic real-time KPI extractor
  • Direct UML model execution – no coding
  • Fully automated testing and quality control


  • Full process transparency for all stakeholders
  • Rapid change management – fully documented
  • Unprecedented interface stability & performance
  • Improved customer service quality


  • 5X reduction in order processing cycle time
  • Change requests completed in 30 minutes, not 2-3 weeks
  • Backend upgrades completed in 16 hours, not 3-4 months
  • Achieved project ROI in nine months
  • Interfaces = 160 executable UML model